One of millions

My hope for this year -- we are all Canucks

I’ve decided to become on of the 20,000 people a day who create a blog, not because I have any desire for fame or fortune, or infamy, but more because it’s a good way to see what kind of person I’ve become.  I’ve lost the ability to write in long-hand (I wonder how that will change civilization — I can’t be the only one) so this will be my journal.

They say that everyone has a book inside.  I’m not sure who “they” are, but I would agree that every one of us has a life story that has some bookworthiness in it, with the names changed to protect the innocent.  This first post will be short as I have work to do today, and quite honestly it’s not as easy as I thought to put cohesive words down in a way that might be interesting to someone other than only myself.  I guess I have to come up with themes for each post.  I’ll do that.

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